Otterham, Kent - Your Heritage

Otterham, Kent - Your Heritage, the book.

The area around Otterham Quay Lane, Otterham in Kent is rich in local history and heritage.  

One of the larger brickfields, Big Field, built on a few years ago, didn’t  have any mention of it’s past.  The housing estate, Orchard View now stands on the site.  With the very last local brick field, Four Gun Field to follow with housing development, and the possibility of a further 800 new homes nearby, this lack of any recorded heritage wasn’t going to happen again. 

The book includes topics on: Otterham Quay, Upchurch Pottery, Francis Drake, Caroline Place, Over Shore, Lawrence of Arabia, WW1 seaplane testing, a cement works and details of the men/women who worked the brick fields and area. 


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